The dresses are separated by size. Once you have browsed through all available options, reach out to me with your 2 or 3 favorite dresses. I can help narrow down your search based on what I believe will photograph best at the session location we've selected for your shoot. 

If you are local to the Lancaster area (or would like to travel here!), we can arrange a time to meet up in person prior to your session at Studio Illume so that you can try on the dresses. This will allow you to determine if you need to purchase any dress-specific undergarments, etc. If we aren't able to meet up prior to the session, absolutely no worries at all! I bring along a portable, private "changing tent" to each session that will allow you to try the dresses on before your session. You may also use this changing tent to change from a more casual outfit to a dressier outfit, if your session package includes an outfit change. 



Once you decide on a dress for your session (yay!), it's time to find a coordinating outfit for your significant other. As a general rule of thumb, I can guarantee that these specific pieces will always coordinate well ...

If you need a bit more help deciding on an outfit for your fiance or husband, I am always more than happy to help! I can send specific link to items you can purchase, or I can help you decide from items he already has in his closet. 

Long-sleeved White dress shirt 

light colored linen shirt 

khaki pants

Navy dress pants

gray dress pants

Full navy or black suit



After your session with me, I will take the dress back home with me to hand wash before it gets hung back in the closet for another lady to wear. As mentioned previously, I will always have a portable changing tent you are more than welcome to use to change out of the dress, although some ladies just prefer to use their car or a nearby public restroom (whatever option you feel the most comfortable with!)

If you have any questions at all about the JBP Client Closet experience, don't hesitate to reach out via email! I'm here to help your engagement session prep go as smoothly as possible!