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February 25, 2022

Studio vs At Home: Which Lifestyle Newborn Session is the Best Choice for You?

When deciding between a studio newborn session or an at-home lifestyle session, there are so many different factors to consider. I have had the joy of photographing sweet newborns and their families at their homes for a couple of years now, and have just recently started using my studio space, Studio Illume, for newborn sessions as well. While I am capable of producing beautiful, heartfelt photos at both types of locations, many parents are unsure of which to choose for their own newborn session. Well, I’m here and happy to help you make this decision (hopefully!) a lot easier!

In this blog post I’ll be discussing various points for you to consider when deciding on a location for your own newborn session, with lots of different real-life examples from past newborn sessions. Whether you choose to have your newborn session in your own home or at Studio Illume, just know that you will be in very good hands and that you will receive beautiful photographs to remember this sweet and oh-so-fleeting time in your family’s life. Either way, you can’t go wrong, but one location over the other may be the very best choice for your family.

Now let’s get into the details and comparisons for At Home vs Studio lifestyle newborn sessions…


1. Consider the Natural Light

This is the first thing to consider when choosing a location for your newborn session, and it is the most important, hence its #1 spot on the list. The Jenna Brianne Photography style is known for being bright and airy, which comes from the use of natural light (meaning, sunlight). The more natural light the better, because it helps gives the images that soft, bright, and airy feeling. Studio Illume has the most beautiful natural light in the morning and afternoon hours, no matter if it is a bright and sunny day or a darker overcast day. You are always guaranteed those bright and airy images if you choose Studio Illume for your newborn session.

If you are hoping to have your newborn photographed in your own home, think about how much sunlight your home gets (even at different hours of the day). While all homes and rooms have windows to let in natural light, some homes can be darker inside than others due to the placement of windows, where the sun rises and sets, and the size/number of windows and window covers. The most important rooms of the house to consider are the baby’s nursery, the parent’s bedroom, and the living room. If you home tends to have less natural light (especially during the morning, when newborn sessions often take place), a studio session will be the better choice for you.

2. Consider the Paint Colors + Decor

This may seem like a silly thing to have to think about while planning your newborn session, but it is oh so important! In the same way that natural light helps achieve the bright and airy style, so do the paint colors of the walls. Studio Illume is painted in a bright white, which the sun reflects off of and then “bounces” that light back onto you. If the rooms of your home (and most importantly the nursery) are painted in bolder, super bright colors, it will be more difficult to achieve bright, “glowy” images. The paint color of the nursery and your master bedroom are the more important rooms to consider, since those are typically the rooms we will be photographing in the most during your session.

If your nursery is painted a softer and neutral shade like white, ivory, or light grey, it will be a lot easier to achieve the signature JBP style. In home sessions also require a good bit of “rearranging” in terms of moving furniture and decor to make sure that the space we are shooting in is as decluttered as possible.

3. Consider the Stressors

Let’s be honest – those first weeks of your newborn’s life can be a tough adjustment, especially if it is your first baby. Our normal routines can fall by the wayside when this tiny humans suddenly demands all of our attention, and the absolute last thing you want is someone coming into your home and taking photos of it. If the idea of needing to clean, tidy up your home, and clear out all the newborn clutter one week postpartum seems like a cause of major stress, a studio newborn session would be perfect for you. When you choose a studio session, you don’t have to worry about getting anyone or anything ready other than you, your spouse, and any siblings. No home tidying needed! Come and relax in the studio, enjoy a drink from our mini-fridge, and enjoy this short time away from home.

Another amazing bonus: When you book a newborn session at Studio Illume, you have instant access to the Client Closet, filled with tons of beautiful dresses for mama and adorable outfits for babe. You can quite literally show up in yoga pants and a comfy sweater, baby can show up in their PJs, and we can have a fun try-on session before we start photos! Sounds like a new mama’s dream, right?

No matter which option you ultimately decide on (or feel particularly drawn to!), these sweet moments will be captured by me for you to cherish forever. You really can’t go wrong! If you’re still having a hard time deciding, do not hesitate to reach out to me as we plan your session! I am always more than happy to give my professional advice and input.

Keep scrolling to see many examples from both in-home lifestyle newborn sessions and newborn sessions at Studio Illume!




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